Laurie-Anne Muldoon MSW, RSW, BScN.

Laurie-Anne Muldoon MSW, RSW, BScN.

I am a bilingual Registered Social Worker with a practice in individual psychotherapy for adults and seniors. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Sciences at Dalhousie University and a Master’s degree in Social Work at The University of Ottawa. I have worked extensively with individuals and families in a health care setting or home environment for the last 23 years. I would be happy to accommodate home visiting on a short-term basis in certain situations.


- Grief/Bereavement therapy including perinatal loss (miscarriage or still birth), infertility, loss of a family member, partner, friend or companion animal.
- Personal and family adjustment to illness, disability or change in health (i.e. cancer, dementia, multiple sclerosis, stroke or other illness), caregiver stress/burnout, compassion fatigue and existential distress.
- Counselling in relation to significant life transitions. Situations of divorce/separation, break-up with a significant other, career change, retirement, disability, or new parenting role are some examples.
- Psychotherapy that can address anxiety, burnout, childhood wounds, depression, family issues, parenting, post-partum issues, relationship difficulties, trauma, workplace stress/bullying.
- Group or individual work related to the emotional interplay regarding difficulties with breastfeeding and mother-infant attachment. Founder and facilitator for Mother Connect support group which you can follow on Facebook.


Offering a calm, compassionate presence my style of counselling is with a focus on the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. In order to respond in the most meaningful way to a person’s whole
experience, I prefer to draw upon different therapeutic orientations which include psychodynamic psychotherapy, EMDR, strength-based perspectives, experiential approaches, polyvagal theory,

and attachment theory. 


My commitment also is to partner with clients to bring attention to patterns of relating to themselves and others that may no longer work in present day life. I aim to offer a warm, safe, and respectful
space to companion clients in this important healing work. I believe that a good therapist match is essential, and that the timing for change is paramount. Please contact me for an appointment time or should you wish to discuss your specific needs. 


All or a portion of the fee for sessions may be covered by some extended health insurance plans.

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Phone: 1-613-314-7989 

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