Meet Alana


Alana Jaquemet M.S.W., R.S.W.

Alana is a Registered Clinical Social Worker (ON College of Social Work) with a practice in psychotherapy and counselling with an education from Carleton University. Alana also belongs to Canadian Association of Social Work.​

Alana is trained in a number of therapeutic modalities which include: CBT, Gestalt Therapy, Solution- Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Psychodrama & Family Therapy. She works with children, youth and adults- both individuals, and family`s.​  Her professional background includes working with abuse, disability, illness and palliative care. Both professional and personal experiences has equipped her to work with people presenting with a variety of issues and problems. ​


Such issues include:​

* Mental health- depression,anxiety, phobias,self-esteem, adjustment, PTSD, and coping difficulties.

* Grief/Loss, sexual health,relationship and family dynamics, family of origin issues and workplace problems.

* Areas of practice also include abuse, crisis intervention and personal injury.​


Alana is a facilitator for the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario and a consultant with Elder Caring Inc.Alana also holds additional certification in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as well as Solution-Focused therapy.

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Phone: 1-613-724-0003